Crystal Web Standard Uncapped is a fantastic internet account for entry level DSL home users. With speeds up to 40Mbps, it offers a low entry point for users wishing to upgrade their speeds without having to fork out thousands of Rands per month. Standard Uncapped is ideally suited for a small family or single user with basic internet requirements.

Crystal Web Standard Home Uncapped offers you an easy-to-use account for your uncapped internet requirements.

This account is ideally suited for general browsing, off-peak downloads, social gamers, and occasional streaming.

It's the simplest solution for your internet requirements.



Don't compromise on your internet at home. Choose premium connectivity and keep your family smiling with sublime gaming and streaming like you've never seen it before. Premium bandwidth is our highest tier home bandwidth and ideally suited for pro-gaming latency, streaming services, occasional home-office-use, and even downloads. Get Premium performance today.

If you or your family require superlative internet across a wide range of intensive services like movie and television streaming, gaming to local and international servers, online video or voice calling services (VOIP), or even those midnight downloads of your favourite television shows, then premium uncapped internet is ideally suited for your needs. Premium home uncapped is also ideally suited for the occasional home-office user.

Crystal Web


As a Crystal Web reseller you gain access to world class bandwidth at discounted rates, as well as a host of additional services and benefits. Click here to download our brochure to find out more, and call us on +27 (0) 1000 35538 to talk with one of our business sales consultants to identify the correct reseller options for your needs.

What reseller options are available?

As a Crystal Web reseller, you gain access to services and solutions traditionally unavailable to most standard resellers in South Africa. You can resell DSL using multiple resell models, such as Pay per Account, Pay Per Gig, Pay Per Bulk Purchase, or Pay Per Mbps.

You gain access to Fibre To The Business Products, Fibre to The Home Solutions, Hardware, Mobile Data, VOIP Solutions, Wireless Data Services, Cloud Hosting, and VPS. Click here to download our reseller information pack to find out more.

Moving to Crystal Web is simple and fast

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