Crystal Web has launched a revolutionary new product called Xtreme Capped, which allows you a hybrid capped experience like no other. Capped during peak hours and uncapped in what we call "Open-Time™." This is the first offer in our VIP range, and more details about what that means will be released soon. Sign up today and get free Open-Time™ on Xtreme Capped.

Xtreme Home Capped gives you free uncapped data during Open-Time™ if you sign up today. Capped data is only consumed in your peak hours and data used in Open-Time™ is uncapped. Xtreme Capped is ideal for home gamers, streamers, and Open-Time™ downloaders.



No frills. No fuss. Just top quality bandwidth at your fingertips. We've tailored our solutions after months of research and testing for gaming, VOIP, business streaming services, Virtual Private Networks, FTP, and other important protocols so you don't have to, meaning you can run your entire home office on premium capped data. It's home and business bliss.

Due to popular demand, we have introduced enterprise-grade bandwidth for home users.

After numerous requests from professional gamers, streaming maestros, work-from-home users, and general internet connoisseurs, we have introduced our enterprise capped data for the home user, at home pricing. It's just enterprise quality data whenever you need it.

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As a Crystal Web reseller you gain access to world class bandwidth at discounted rates, as well as a host of additional services and benefits. Click here to download our brochure to find out more, and call us on +27 (0) 1000 35538 to talk with one of our business sales consultants to identify the correct reseller options for your needs.

What reseller options are available?

As a Crystal Web reseller, you gain access to services and solutions traditionally unavailable to most standard resellers in South Africa. You can resell DSL using multiple resell models, such as Pay per Account, Pay Per Gig, Pay Per Bulk Purchase, or Pay Per Mbps.

You gain access to Fibre To The Business Products, Fibre to The Home Solutions, Hardware, Mobile Data, VOIP Solutions, Wireless Data Services, Cloud Hosting, and VPS. Click here to download our reseller information pack to find out more.

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