Crystal Web


We've shaken up the market with our new hybrid capped/uncapped product range, which provides you with high priority capped data during business hours and uncapped data all other hours. Meaning that your business can reduce costs while taking advantage of incredible quality bandwidth.

It's the ultimate solution for any small to medium enterprise looking to reduce costs without sacrificing on quality of service.

Why pay for premium data during hours you're unlikely to require it? Crystal Web's Hybrid capped/uncapped solution provides you with the cap size you require in business hours with premium quality data, and uncapped data during all other times, and we take care of this for you which means no complex switching of accounts required. One hybrid account for all of your business needs.

Perfect for IT. Perfect for staff. Perfect for your budgets.

Crystal Web


A business account that operates like no other. Pure, unadulterated internet access for your business, without the worry of being capped, and without the worry of shaping or throttling. Our business range is ideally suited for VOIP, FTP transfers, VPN use, business streaming services, and more.

Premium business uncapped is purpose-built for the most demaning of users and business use-cases.

Discover business internet like you've never experienced before, on an uncapped basis, at incredible prices. These types of accounts are typically sold by other companies for thousands of Rands per month for even entry-level speeds. We've turned that thinking upside-down.

If quality broadband for your business is required any time of day, any day of the week, any month of the year, premium business uncapped is for you.

Crystal Web


As a Crystal Web reseller you gain access to world class bandwidth at discounted rates, as well as a host of additional services and benefits. Click here to download our brochure to find out more, and call us on +27 (0) 1000 35538 to talk with one of our business sales consultants to identify the correct reseller options for your needs.

What reseller options are available?

As a Crystal Web reseller, you gain access to services and solutions traditionally unavailable to most standard resellers in South Africa. You can resell DSL using multiple resell models, such as Pay per Account, Pay Per Gig, Pay Per Bulk Purchase, or Pay Per Mbps.

You gain access to Fibre To The Business Products, Fibre to The Home Solutions, Hardware, Mobile Data, VOIP Solutions, Wireless Data Services, Cloud Hosting, and VPS. Click here to download our reseller information pack to find out more.

Moving to Crystal Web is simple and fast