Crystal Web


Crystal Web offers a truly revolutionary product for SMMEs. Capped during business hours and uncapped all other hours of the day. This forms part of our SMME investment portfolio of products, designed to assist small to medium enterprises in lowering their networking costs while maintaining incredible connectivity. Click below to switch your business today.

Capped Data during business hours allows you to maintain much lower costs while uncapped all other hours of the day ensures that even after hours your line won't be capped. Simply click below to select your desired cap size and we'll take care of the rest for you. No more switching accounts and service providers.

It's the simplest solution for all of your business internet requirements.

Crystal Web


Designed for business use, our premium business range couldn't be simpler. We've tailored this solutions for VOIP, business streaming services, Virtual Private Networks, FTP, and other important protocols so you don't have to. We offer you the highest network priority so that you can experience as close to uncontended internet as possible. Click below to find out more.

Uncontended bandwidth for businesses is expensive. As part of our commitment to maintain lower costs to local businesses, we've slashed the price of near 1:1 contention bandwidth and added additional features to this product to ensure the lowest possible latencies and the best possible performance with the highest overall network priority. Without having to sign expensive SLAs.

Crystal Web


As a Crystal Web reseller you gain access to world class bandwidth at discounted rates, as well as a host of additional services and benefits. Click here to download our brochure to find out more, and call us on +27 (0) 1000 35538 to talk with one of our business sales consultants to identify the correct reseller options for your needs.

What reseller options are available?

As a Crystal Web reseller, you gain access to services and solutions traditionally unavailable to most standard resellers in South Africa. You can resell DSL using multiple resell models, such as Pay per Account, Pay Per Gig, Pay Per Bulk Purchase, or Pay Per Mbps.

You gain access to Fibre To The Business Products, Fibre to The Home Solutions, Hardware, Mobile Data, VOIP Solutions, Wireless Data Services, Cloud Hosting, and VPS. Click here to download our reseller information pack to find out more.

Moving to Crystal Web is simple and fast